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To enter Italy you need an entry visa. There are many types of visas, the most popular are for tourism, work and as well as elective. Italy has decided to simplify the administrative procedures in order to live and do business in the context of a well-defined market logic that is based on a fact:

work permits are difficult to obtain because they are subject to a closed number, which is reached as early as in January, with thousands of people requiring it. The exception is represented by highly specialized professions that admit exceptions, but these cases are rare. But then how do you come to Italy and be able to live and do business?


Italy has introduced a few years ago a new type of visa, called elective visa, which allows you to live in Italy and for 365 days to come and go freely without any restriction by the state . The visa obviously gives the right to move within the whole Schengen area and gives you the right to drive cars with their own national license (so you do not need nor the license conversion in Italian, nor international) . The prerequisite for this visa is the need to support yourself independently, without the need to work and be able to have a house to be elected to the residence. The documents / requirements needed to obtain an elective visa are as follows:

1 . filling out a form at the Italian Consulate in your country of residence accompanied by a color photo;

2 . have a valid passport ;

3 . presentation of an insurance policy for the duration of the visa;

4 . submission of documentation as proof of ownership of a property in Italy for use as a residence

5 . presentation of documentation that proves that you have an adequate income in their country of origin at least 15,000 Euros per year. Sources of income may be pensions, rents, profits from business activities etc.

Even the cohabiting spouse, minor children and parents as well as older partners may be issued a visa of choice, provided that the financial capabilities are adequate. In this case, the annual income of the household head should be higher than the hypothesis of at least € 15,000 multiplied by the number of family members. The ownership of the visa also allows elective owners to buy the home at a reduced mode of taxation, as a first home, as we will see from the following paragraphs. Obtained the visa your children can enroll in any Italian or international school in Europe.

Professionals working with AAREI can give you all the assistance necessary for the administrative formalities and to obtain a visa in the shortest possible.

Moreover, since the first elective visa is granted for a period of one year, the subsequent renewals, if consecutive, are also higher (two, three and five years) and after ten years of uninterrupted visa you can apply for Italian citizenship.


Regardless of the type of visa that an individual possesses ( tourist , business or elective ), any person, natural or legal person may establish in Italy a corporation in the form of Spa (Joint-stock company, with a minimum share capital of 120,000 Euros ) or Srl (Business with limited liability, with a minimum share capital of EUR 10,000 ) . Similarly, you may serve as a director of that company. Constitute the company is costing 3,500 Euros.

Constituting the company is not a problem, and professionals who work with AAREI can follow all the necessary paperwork in Italy, even by proxy, without any need for ever having to come personally in Italy. In particular:

a) get tax codes for individuals and foreign companies , as founding members of the company to , or for future directors;

b) prepare all certified translations from a foreign language to the Italian language;

c) open the bank account for the company to be established, and for natural persons or foreign legal entities;

d) prepare the regulations and the articles of incorporation;

e) open VAT and record company to be established at the Chamber of Commerce;

f) endorse all the books required by law;

g) provide any kind of help and professional assistance necessary before, during and after the constitution.

With reference to the costs of management of the company, the professionals who work with AAREI can guarantee the best prices obtainable on the Italian market. In particular, for a limited company, the annual cost for:

I) account keeping;

II) the preparation of financial statements and of all resolutions of the corporate bodies (board of directors and shareholders ) ;

III) record keeping ;

IV) fulfillment of all fiscal and administrative;

V) payment of all taxes per year,

starts at just € 2,500 and varies depending on the volume of business of the company.
Professionals working with AAREI can give you all the legal and tax advices that will ensure the best management of your business, even in case of purchase of companies, in compliance with the legislation in Italy and Europe.


The purchase of a property in Italy can be done by either a physical person, or society. The decision whether to proceed with the purchase personally or through, for example, a Srl, depends on various factors, which must be carefully analyzed (duration, type of property, destination , location, costs , number owners etc. . ) .

The following table details the purchase costs, namely:

average cost of a notary

VALUE                                                            COST

100.000,00 €                                                  1.500,00 € + VAT 22%

250.000,00 €                                                  2.500,00 € + VAT 22%

500.000,00 €                                                  3.500,00 € + VAT 22%

1.000.000,00 €                                               5.000,00 € + VAT 22%

10,000,000.00 €                                             10.000,00 € + VAT 22%

You have to add any costs of translation and related fees of the sale contract in a foreign language, as well as the presence of the interpreter when subscribing, for approximately € 1,000.00. As a rule, in order to simplify and speed, you should give a power of attorney on behalf of the lawyer, who then signs the purchase contract in the name and on behalf of foreign clients, thus avoiding costs of translation and at least 2 trips to Italy and consequent loss of time.

Taxes payable to the State.

In case of trade between individuals (private seller and buyer person of foreign nationality). As a percentage of the purchase value to the buyer:

- 2 % - apartment - if it is the first house where you reside, or if holder of an elective visa

- 9% - apartment – if not your residence

- 12%  agricultural / farm land (trading among farmers 1%);

- 9% of construction site.

In case of trades by enterprise (seller) to a natural person (buyer). In this case, you pay VAT and a fixed taxe (register):

- 4 % ​​VAT + 600,00 € (register) if first house (primary housing);

- 10% + 4 % VAT register for offices and commercial premises;

- 22% + VAT 600,00 € (register) if is the house where you reside .

If the buyer is a company, owned by a company or foreign physical person, the VAT is not a cost, since it can be compensated in the balance sheet.



To renovate a house, except in special cases such as town centers with constraints, difficult accessibility, castles and special features of the terrain, in which case the costs increase, we can consider an average price of approx. € 1,000 / sqm unfinished , with a degree of finish and components of medium-high level for the water systems, gas, electric, roof and windows .

In the case of a new CONSTRUCTION of a villa, the costs can be quantified approximately, excluding the land price, at: aprox. 1.200 EUR / sqm. In this case, the allocation may be divided as follows:

- aprox. 6 % of expenditure planning (construction of roads, connections for electricity, water, gas and sewer). These costs vary from town to town and 6% represents an average on a national scale;

- aprox. 14% for the cost of design, construction management, cost of bureaucracy, taxes, insurance, construction site safety, etc. . ;

- aprox. 80 % for the construction to be finished without internal finishes, to be choosen from the owner. Herein refers to masonry, paving, electrical, water, gas, sewerage and finished walls with windows and doors.

Professionals working with AAREI (lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, etc. . ) Can give you complete assistance for any need or request, ensuring the utmost professionalism and competence at affordable prices.

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