Asian investors expand european portfolio with Slovenian retail parks

Euro Asia Asset Management, alongside ZDR Investments Group, has expanded its European portfolio by investing $35 million in Slovenia, acquiring three retail parks. This move underscores the increasing interest of Asian investors, particularly from Singapore, in European assets.

ZDR Investments, a significant player in European commercial real estate, now boasts a portfolio of 66 properties valued at S$810 million, spread across several countries including Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Croatia. The recent acquisitions in Slovenia, financed through a combination of debt and equity, add strategic value to their portfolio due to Slovenia's robust economy and impressive post-pandemic recovery.

The retail parks, preferred for their sustainable income and economic resilience, are part of the European ZDR Investments SICAV master fund, managed by ZDR Investments. This fund, licensed by the Czech National Bank, is accessible to Southeast Asian investors through a Singapore-based feeder fund under the Variable Capital Company framework.

ZDR Investments emphasizes the advantages of retail parks over traditional shopping malls, citing factors such as simplicity, ease of navigation, and lower construction costs. Retail parks typically feature single-story buildings with side-by-side shops and ample parking, making them attractive to retailers seeking prime locations with high visibility and lower rents.

Overall, the acquisitions in Slovenia mark a significant milestone for ZDR Investments in terms of growth and geographic diversification, aligning with their strategy of investing in politically and economically stable areas in Europe.



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