Turkish firm Yapı Merkezi leads strategic railway project in Slovenia

Turkish construction company Yapı Merkezi is leading the Divaca-Koper Railway Project in Slovenia, hailed as one of the nation's most strategic investments. Başar Arıoğlu, Chairperson of Yapı Merkezi, emphasized the project's challenges in tunnel engineering within the Alps' karstic terrain. Despite hurdles, contracts exceeding 600 million euros were secured, marking a significant milestone for Turkey's involvement in Slovenia's largest infrastructure venture.

The project, divided into three stages, aims to boost Koper Port's capacity and position it as a key logistics gateway in Europe. Noteworthy progress has been made since the project's initiation in March 2021, including the construction of 11 tunnels spanning 37.9 kilometers and two viaducts.

Bahadır Oral, Yapı Merkezi's director for Slovenian projects, highlighted the workforce's collaboration to overcome challenges, including unexpected caves during tunnel excavations. Despite delays, the team remains committed to completing the project by 2026.

With approximately 1 billion euros invested, the project is closely monitored to ensure compliance with regulations and garner positive reactions from EU oversight. Yapı Merkezi's meticulous planning and innovative solutions underscore its commitment to delivering high-quality infrastructure and fostering economic growth in Slovenia.


Source: https://www.dailysabah.com/business/transportation/turkish-firm-undertakes-major-strategic-railway-project-in-slovenia

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